What is Poolsan Digital?

Poolsan Digital goes beyond the apps currently available on the market

The Poolsan Digital app scans the test strip and records the result with all of the relevant data, such as GPS, batch, time and you can even specify labels to help you order and filter each result for its use.

The data is stored in the cloud against your account and can be accessed either via the app or the Poolsan Digital web portal at any time. Poolsan Digital also offers the ability to save each photo to the result, allowing you to see the image taken for a small monthly subscription fee available in the app.

The new Poolsan Digital app uses a smart device's camera to scan and detect a test strips value. It is designed to work with an internet connection, no need for add-on devices or even a colour chart.

Poolsan Digital has been developed to work with Poolsan test strips, each batch of Poolsan test strips are specifically calibrated and linked to the app allowing for complete precision and control for the user. Poolsan Test strips are a convenient and reliable method used for in-field testing.

  • Simply point your camera at the strip to take a result and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Easily filter and explore your results to find exactly what you need
  • Use the web portal to easily view, manage and export your data
  • Constantly adding new parameter ranges